Great Centre

My daughter has been going to Pegasus since September 2015. She has always been a happy and clever little cookie but has also been very withdrawn when in a group of more then a few kids, lacking the confidence to be herself.Her teachers at Pegasus have helped moved her confidence in leaps and bounds. She has started to come out of her shell and is now not only interacting well with other children, shes gaining confidence by the day. Sending my daughter to Pegasus is the best decision we have ever made for her. We are now confident that when it comes to start big school, she will be more then ready for the challenge.
- Amy

I Love Pegasus Preschool

We have been attending Pegasus for 7 years OMG. We have never had any issues and always found the staff to be very loving and caring to our children. I love the fact that Pegasus preschool have all ages in one room so that the children are not sectioned off from each other like most preschool. All of my children have done really well and love going to preschool because it is a friendly, playful atmosphere and my children have made great friendships. Pegasus preschool also get our children ready for kindergarten and i feel this is very important have always been happy with how well our children have settled into kindergarten due to their school readiness program. I have never had any issues with the preschool and all of the staff are just beautiful, caring people and they play an important part in our childrens learning. Thanks very m
- Nicole

Very Friendly Staff

Bella loves attending Pegasus preschool. The friendly staff are always respectful of the kids. My daughter loves the sandpit and outdoor playtime. Also she loves story time and presenting news.
- Kylie

Great Environment

We choose for Luke to attend Pegasus as we wanted him to start socializing with other children his age in an environment away from home and mum! We like how Pegasus preschool is a small center that has a homely feel and all carers have such a beautiful caring nature towards your child. Luke thoroughly enjoys his day at Pegasus , he comes home with lots of stories to tell, he has grown so much independently since attending Pegasus and always has a smile on his face.
- Melissa

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